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Download your FREE educational eBook

At HHF we are all about education and helping women ditch the fads once and for all.

To help you with this, Im giving away my educational eBooks completely free.

Please see below for a full list and description of all my eBooks.

Educational Ebooks

Each ebook will help break down each topic in more detail, but remember, this information is just a FRACTION of what I offer on my app – The HHF Method.

So if you want to get the most out of your training and nutrition, come sign up today and elevate your knowledge, education and results.

Download FREE educational ebooks from the form below (you can download as many as you like!)

The Nutrition Manual Pdf

The Nutrition Manual – a full 30 page ebook covering everything from calories, macros, diet breaks, reverse dieting and so much more

The Gut Health Guide

The Gut Health Guide – a full in depth guide to help you identify and improve your gut health, and yes, that includes bloating!


The Supplement Guide – unsure what supplements are necessary or can help support your goals? This ebook will explain the most popular supplements in detail so you can make an informed decision. (I might need to send you this one)

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