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Who is this programme for?

As we know, fitness isn’t a “one size fits all process”, and with 1:1 coaching we fully understand that.

1:1 is for those who need the highest level of support, accountability and personalisation, or maybe just have a goal they struggle to reach alone and need a coach to help guide them step by step through the process.

We treat each client as an individual to help improve their mindset, knowledge and consistency.

If you wish to achieve long term, sustainable results with the guidance of a qualified coach, 1:1 is the option for you.

1:1 coaching is a minimum of 3 month commitment, and is available to all women worldwide.

Due to the bespoke nature, there are limited spots available.

What's included?

If you struggle to remain consistent, wish to work on forming new habits, need more guidance or simply want to elevate your results, here is what is included with 1:1 –

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