The HHF Method

Expertly designed training programme and bespoke nutrition all under one roof. Are you ready to get RESULTS?

Select your plan

Progressive training programme and bespoke nutrition

  • Choose a training programme based on your equipment, time available and experience level
  • Home or gym programmes available
  • Choose from the following programmes
    • Gym based – 5 day, 4 day or 3 day
    • Barbell and dumbbell only – 5 day, 4 day or 3 day
    • Dumbbell only – 4 day

    (The 5 day split includes 3 lower and 2 upper days, the 4 day split includes 2 lower and 2 upper, and the 3 day split is 3 full body days)

  • New progressive programme each month
  • Fully personalised nutrition targets based on your goals
  • Bespoke recipes to fit your macros, with downloadable shopping lists – vegetarian, vegan, gluten free all available
  • Facebook community to connect with other amazing likeminded women
  • Tons of educational content
  • In depth form demos
  • Yoga and mobility
  • Alternative exercise library and yoga
  • The HHF method can be done from anywhere in the world!
*GBP Billed Monthly

*GBP Billed Annual

How it works


Once you sign up through my website, you will be promoted to download The HHF Method app onto your phone. This can then be accessed from anywhere in the world! It may take 24-48 hours for your programme and recipes to appear as this is personalised to you based on all the information you provide upon sign up!

Yes! Because consistency is key! But you can cancel anytime with 7 days notice. Every month you will be sent a new progressive programme that is designed to follow on from the last one. This is designed to get you the best results possible! You will be asked to re-submit your goals, and will then be sent your new training programme as well as new recipe ideas and updated nutrition targets based on your goal.

Yes! There is multiple home and gym options available. You have a large selection of plans to choose from, depending on equipment and number of days you wish to train! You can select a plan that suits you when you sign up.

Absolutely. All levels welcome. Every exercise comes with a clear and in depth form video, so no matter what your experience level, it’ll help guide you through the programme with ease.

Yes! All recipe ideas are totally tailored to you, your calorie targets and your preferences / intolerances. You have the option to enter all this information when you sign up, and exclude any food groups you dislike!

You will get a new progressive programme each month based on the number of days and location you select. You are able to update this at the end of each phase yourself, but if you wish to change this sooner, please email

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